School Features

Inspiring a Passion for Learning

Building of Citizenship

  • Homeroom Timetabling
  • Cancer Fundraisers – Terry Fox Run,
  • School / Community / Highway Clean-up
  • Food Bank Donations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Effective Behavioral Supports (teaching and promoting citizenship behavior)
  • Student Assemblies with a Focus on Citizenship Behaviors
  • No Bullying Allowed Campaign (DARE TO CARE)
  • Volunteering  (Between Friends)
  • Donating to Charities
  • Parental Supports
  • Recycling Program
  • Super Council
  • Christmas Food Hampers

Educational Quality

  • “Student Centered” Decision Making.
  • Inclusion + Teamwork = SUCCESS!
  • Inclusive School where all stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure that ALL learners’ needs are being met.
  • Support Services Available within the School: Family School Liaison Counsellor, First Nations, Metis, Inuit Worker, Counseling and Educational Services.
  • On-going Professional Development Opportunities for Staff.
  • On-going evaluation and modification of educational programming and initiatives.
  • Team Horizon planning provides for more creative, interesting, curriculum aligned, and challenging lessons which meet the learning needs of all learners.
  • Recognition of student excellence: ERHS Awards Night.

Student Preparation for the World of Work

  • Service Learning Projects (Community Volunteerism)
  • Student Mentoring Programming
  • Educational Programming: Work Experience, Green Certificate, RAP Program,
  • College Course Enrollment
  • Super Council
  • Work Ready Expectations -Punctuality, Coop.
  • Leadership Activities within the school
  • Application of skills to new learning or new work – i.e. technology skills, research,
  • Pride in work quality.
  • Financial record keeping – budgeting.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement in Your Child’s Education

  • ERHS Parent Council– the voice of parents within the ERHS Learning Community.
  • Ongoing Parent Communication
  • Opportunity for parent & Community Volunteers
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • IPP process
  • School Surveys
  • School – parent partnerships (take your child to work day, work experience, presentations in the classrooms, etc)
  • Communications from the school to parents and parents to the school.
  • Parent opportunity to assist in classrooms with projects, coaching, and/or group leadership.
  • Parents are invited and actively involved in the planning, organizing and implementing of School Wide Initiatives: Fundraising Initiatives, Review of school timetables, calendars & school plans.

Broad Program of Studies

  • Leadership opportunities – Super Council
  • School Wide Initiatives to support & enhance student learning (High School Flex Project)
  • After School Tutoring
  • Complementary Programs: Foods, Drama, Art, Media Lit., French, Shop, Photography, Computers, Outdoor ED, Leadership, Sports Performance   
  • Co-curricular & extra-curricular opportunities: Guitar/Band, Yearbook, Athletics, Robotics, Super Council