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Early Learning, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-12


Welcome to Erle Rivers and Milk River Elementary School!


The Milk River School District # 2056 was established in 1909.  The Milk River School bell was officially rung on January 10, 1910.

In the spring of 1961, young students were asked to bring a large, brown paper bag to school.  In this bag, they packed their books and supplies for a short march up the hill to their new school.  This march up the hill saw 205 students relocate to what is now Milk River Elementary School. Milk River Elementary School remained open until the 2022-2023 school year when students were temporarily moved to Erle Rivers High School. Milk River Elementary School is currently undergoing a modernization with a expected completion date of October 2024.

On November 20, 1964, the Milk River High School was renamed, the Erle Rivers High School in honor of Mr. E.G. Rivers.  Mr. Rivers had been a teacher and principal of the school for 34 years.  Erle Rivers died on February 28, 1965. 

Erle Rivers High School is situated in the town of Milk River, Alberta, Canada.  Milk River has a population of about 890 people, but draws students from the rural communities surrounding it.  

Our student population for this school year is 187.


Rachelle Miller